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Infrastructure and facilities

It is situated at Riga Road, Islampur, Bhavdepur at 1 K.M. from Janaki Mandir. The serene, spacious campus of BPS evokes peace and tranquillity.

One gets an instant feeling that it is the ideal ambience to pursue education.


School Building:

A magnificent school building is dedicated to providing quality education with modern amenities. We are proud of the energetic ambience in our school. The warm welcome awaits visitors to our school.



Class Room:

Classrooms built on modern and scientific lines are provided with writing boards & adequate cupboards, excellent lighting & ventilation.


To take care of electricity failures/ cuts, two generators have been installed so that the studies & other activities of the students do not suffer. 


Computer Lab:

Learning the use of computers is becoming indispensable for day-to-day work and jobs. These computers are good tools for learning and recreation. Keeping this in view, a well-equipped computer lab with 21 branded computers and the latest educational software has been set up. Multimedia facilities on modern techniques of learning are also available. 

The school has the necessary systems in place along with the internet facilities. Senior classes have the facility of Laptop with Projector arrangement.


Science Laboratory:

Well equipped science lab for Physics, Chemistry & Biology facilitates students to learn through practical investigation, developing skills of observing, comparing, predicting, testing, communicating, and recording.


A good library is essential for inculcating habits of reading & initiating a process of proper thinking, which are highly desirable for the development of a sound mind. Therefore, a spacious library well stocked with good books, a large number of well-selected reference books, biographies, classics adapted for children are available in the library.


Play Room & Educational Aids:

While inculcating the traditional values, the school is not lagging in adopting modern technology.

The school has educational toys available for junior classes. Many other teaching aids are also available in the primary wing of the school.


First Aid:

The School is led by qualified staff to provide immediate First Aid during school hours . Major observations, if any, are communicated to the parents. 




The school has a magnificent school building with a sufficient number of rooms required for teaching activities and co-curricular activities, a well-maintained office, and a proper communication system.

Earthquake-proof and airy classrooms have proper sitting arrangements with firefighting arrangements and proper electricity.

 Transport Facility:

The school transport facility is available on selected routes. Application for this facility can be submitted in the prescribed form with the required details to the School. This facility is subject to the availability of seats in the vehicle opted for. School Vehicles ply through their regular routes and will not be changed according to individual needs.