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General Guidelines

The Prospectus may be obtained from the school office by paying 500(Rupees Five Hundred). This is neither refundable nor transferable. Security will be refunded only after application with dues clearance certificate with original Admission bill. No refund after one month of leaving the school will be applicable. 


1.  Age limit for  Class 1- as  6 yrs. on the date of Admission.

2. For Class II to IX - minimum 40% marks in the test With valid transfer certificate.

3. For admission in Class XI (SCI & COMM), the student(with Guardian)  should meet the Principal/Director.

Fee Structure 2024-2025 (Download PDF)


ADMISSION(One Time)250025002500250025002500250025002500
 DEVELOPMENT  ANNUAL250025002500250025002500250025002500
CAUTION MONEY   (REFUNDABLE)110011001100110013001600160016002200
SCHOOL REGISTRATION500500500500500500500500500




.1  Every student should bring a school diary to school daily.

2. Students must reach the school at least 10 minutes before the first bell goes.

3. Changing classrooms between periods should be done in silence and an orderly manner.

4. Students should be habitually clean and always neatly dressed. The school uniform must be worn on all working days.

5. Non-Sikh boys should get their hair trimmed at regular intervals.

6. Shouting or Whistling is not allowed in the school.

7. Care must be taken of all property, and no student should scratch or spoil the desks or charts, damage any school furniture, write or draw anything on the walls, or damage thing belonging to others. Damage done should be reported at once to the class teacher or the principal. Any damage done will have to be suitably compensated by the student.

8. It is not advisable to bring valuable things to the school such as ornaments, cell phones, etc.

9. The Principal reserves the right to compel the parents to withdraw the ward on the following lines:-

a. Irregular attendance.

b. Unsatisfactory academic progress.

c. Bad conduct.

d. Immorality or grave insubordination to higher authorities.

e. Nonpayment of fees.

f.   Rude behaviour of parents towards school authorities.

10. A child who fails twice in three years will not be permitted to continue his/her studies in the school.

11. Parents are requested not to visit the students in the classroom.

12.The name, class & section of the students should be clearly marked on all students' belonging.

13. Students are warned not to use the school telephone without the permission of the principal. They will not be called to answer phone calls during class hours.

14. Students are warned against buying any eatables from street vendors. They are not permitted to attend parties, go to the cinema or a friend’s house on their way back from school.

15. Girls should not apply nail polish or mehndi during the school session.

    16. One-month prior notice is essential before quitting school.


1 Whenever you correspond with the school about your Son/Daughter, kindly quote his/her full name, class & section.

2. All the communications shall be addressed to the Principal.

3. Parents are requested to read the contents of the diary carefully and abide by the school's rules in the interest of the child.

4. No child is allowed to leave the premises before the school gets over unless permission has been granted in writing after verification of identity card.


The Book List for the session 2021-22 is given as per the link